Matthew Ball

@ballmatthew Oct. 16, 2018 1 min read

[Qtr later] 1/ Whether Netflix is 1MM up or down on estimates isn't particularly interesting 2/ The question is: are they (now) more or less likely to achieve the scale and dominance they're pursuing/financially need/assumed by its share price. 1MM here or there tells you nothing

3/ Furthermore, Netflix's gambit is really more about relative gains - is anyone really closing the gap on Netflix's aggregate users x usage lead? Or just in theory going to start, soon, probably... then uh oh 4/ Again, minor misses/beats don't matter here
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Jamal Elshayyal جمال

@JamalsNews Oct. 16, 2018 1 min read

LATEST: Turkish sources reveal details of how @JKhashoggi was murdered. #JamalKjashoggi was beaten as soon as he entered the consulate. He was not interrogated. After being beaten he was killed by lethal injection. This happened in the consul generals office & in front of him!

They have told #Aljazeera that #JamalKhashoggi’s body was then dismembered by the head autopsy doctor at the #Saudi defense forces Salah Altubaiqi who flew in earlier that day! This happened also inside the @KSAconsulateTR
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Ryan Goodman

@rgoodlaw Oct. 17, 2018 1 min read

BOMBSHELL in #Khashoggi reporting WSJ has DETAILED info on the tapes (location off killing, doctor telling others to listen to music, no interrogation). • Saudis would now know if Turkey knows exactly what happened • No interrogation taking place would mean straight murder 1/

Other implications: Wall Street Journal report says tape indicates Khashoggi "killed in the office of the Saudi consul general" That makes it even more suspicious that Consul General has left Turkey for Riyadh. Didn't want to stick around for interview with investigators? 2/
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Ryan Caldbeck

@ryan_caldbeck Oct. 17, 2018 3 min read

1/Had a wonderful discussion with some amazing consumer investors last week. Premise was small brands are gaining mkt share in almost every single CPG category. I’ve never met anyone in consumer that debates that. So just for fun we played off that premise. What then…..?

2/ Hypo 1: I think the Personalization of the Consumer (consumers wanting brands/products that meet their unique needs) will continue resulting in further fragmentation. CPG has never had a Power Law, and the “winners” will own even less of the market going forward.
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Ariel Norling

@ariel_n Oct. 16, 2018 1 min read

Here's your I'm not a Design Twitter™️ influencer tweet about Adobe MAX: I'm super excited about what Adobe is doing. I get that we all think it's cool to shit all over big companies because they're big/old/dinosaurs. But if you're not paying attention you're missing out.

Product Designers in particular are so consumed with hating on Adobe for Photoshop - a tool that was never intended to be used for screen design - or CC that they've ignored XD. I've stood by and watched as people have stanned for Sketch and Figma workout even deigning to open XD
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