Bill Weir


I have some new reporting on the millions bottles of FEMA water we found going to waste on a runway in Ceiba, Puerto Rico a year after Hurricane Maria forced millions of Americans to drink rain and creek water for MONTHS, triggering an outbreak of deadly leptospirosis...

At first, FEMA blamed Puerto Rican locals. “The way it works is we get the commodities to the state, the commonwealth….Obviously with Maria, we had not a supply issue, we had distribution issues,” they said on a conference call
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Brian Skinner


1/ Who wants to hear some scientific intrigue? A few weeks ago, a group of physical chemists posted a paper online announcing the observation of superconductivity at room temperature. Today I posted a comment pointing out something funny in their data.

2/ Room-temperature superconductivity has been a holy grail in physics for literally over 100 years. If we could find a material that was superconducting at room temperature, it would allow us to transport electrical power for free, and would revolutionize a bunch of industries.
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Mark Riedl ✈️ ess eff ooOOooh


I’m super geeked ➡️ this is video of @MatthewGuz playing a game generated by a ML algorithm trained on video of Super Mario Bros., Kirby, and Mega Man Everything is learned from scratch: level design and mechanics/rules. Paper:

What I like about this video is that the game is very different from any of the training examples. The conceptual expansion algorithm is able to extrapolate beyond the training data, hypothesizing the existence of models that aren’t directly supported by the training data
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