Tinker ❎

@TinkerSec Nov. 16, 2018 14 min read

Singing the Blues: Taking Down an Insider Threat "I had all of the advantages. I was already inside the network. No one suspected me. But they found my hack, kicked me off the network... ...and physically hunted me down."

Many pentests start from the outside, wanting to see how the perimeter might be breached. This pentest started from the inside. My client wanted to assume they had already been breached, and, if breached, how far could an attacker go. Could they stop me once I was inside?
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Isabella White

@ninaismeblog Nov. 15, 2018 1 min read

I’m 18 and I couldn’t vote in the EU referendum. This is going to impact my future to a large extent and to be honest, I feel my future has been taken away from me. We young people are being stripped off our European citizenship and we didn’t even have a say in the matter

I think we should have a People’s Vote on the final deal - a vote which will allow the public to have a say on what “leaving the European Union” actually entails. The question was vaguely put forward, as Cameron did not see this coming
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Kathleen Jones

@HelloKathleenJ Nov. 16, 2018 2 min read

My hero, #WilliamGoldman, died earlier today. Let me tell you a story about how he befriended a sick girl who wanted to be a writer and gave her hope. This is a cool and true story and I’ll always be grateful.

When I was 16, I stopped doing my #CysticFibrosis treatment. I was sad and depressed. Then I saw #PrincessBride while at a birthday party, and it changed my life. It became the only thing that got me through treatment at night.
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Jake Chervinsky

@jchervinsky Nov. 17, 2018 4 min read

0/ Today marks the conclusion of what I'll call "phase one" of the SEC's crypto enforcement strategy. My thoughts on: - the enforcement actions against AirFox & Paragon - the statement on digital asset securities issuance & trading - what to expect in "phase two" Thread. 👇

1/ Before I dive in, a reminder I can't repeat often enough: *The SEC does not make the law.* Congress makes the law & courts interpret it. SEC lawyers only decide their own enforcement strategy. Nothing they say is binding: they can change their minds & they can lose in court.
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John Bull

@garius Oct. 05, 2018 4 min read

Okay. History time! You've probably seen photos of Commonwealth war cemeteries, with rows of white graves. They're heartbreaking images. What you DON'T see are the thousands of small, tragic stories on each gravestone. So I'm going to share some with you here. /1 #history #WW1

These stories exist because although every stone is similar, family members were able to pay to have a small, custom inscription made on each stone. Which is why on Pvt J Low's grave you'll find this desperately sad inscription: "Until we meet again. Mother." /2
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